Zooba Hack Cheats for unlimited gems and coins

Zooba Hack Cheats for unlimited gems and coins

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Today we will discuss more about the latest zoo battle royale game zooba.We will show you how you can get free gems and coins in zooba.

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How does the Zooba Hack work?

The new Zooba Hack was reprogrammed from scratch and adapted to the new settings. The video above shows how the brand new hack works. The procedure is actually quite simple. First you have to enter your Zooba username, then you choose which and how many game resource you want. After the selection, the data is loaded, this takes about 3 minutes to connect to the server and exploit the vulnerability !!!

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Zooba Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

If everything works properly, you’ll have to verify yourself by taking a poll, thus ensuring that the hack is not abused. After the verification the resources will be sent to you in about 3 minutes! Do not think much and save yourself as many resources as possible, as long as this vulnerability still works.

Why you need a zooba hack without human verification?

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Zooba Cheats unlimited gems and coins

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What about zooba tips and tricks?

There are really so many websites that promise you Zooba Hack and other tips and tricks. But they never tell you how to get free Gems and coins. It is so important that you can get these items for free. That’s why we recommend our Zooba cheats for Android and iOS. To use it, you do not need root or jailbreak for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, HTC or other smartphone or tablet.

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Zooba from the Wildlife Studios in Ireland is a relatively new game in which it is animal and brutal. But do not worry, it is not a real shooter, so the game is also suitable for smaller gamers. Zooba is a Battle Royale game where you can go on a great adventure with your pet. The app is available for free for iOS and Android.

This is how Zooba Zoo Battle Royale works

Immediately after the installation, it is ready to go. Once you agrees to the privacy policy and select one of the animal characters. You can choose from Bruce, Nix and Molly. I choose Molly, a nimble rabbit lady. The best way to play is to pick up your smartphone and collect the first weapons lying on the ground.

The controls are simple, because you are moving your finger on a virtual joystick. Run a few laps and press the arrow on the right edge, because it lets you make big jumps. All the activities you do consume energy. You have to wait a few seconds so that you will not be able to drop two bombs in succession, for example.

If you like, you can give your character a name so that you do not run randomly through the field. As usual, I am kelly99 and try to prevail against 34 other players in my first fight. I can not do that at the beginning, so that I only place 4, but still be rewarded with a wooden box and coins. I was not fast enough for the fire …


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Zooba Cheats how to get free gems

Once you have completed the tutorial, you will receive a reward and move into your first, real fight. It takes a few seconds for enough players to find each other – and off you go. Run through the arena, collecting weapons (just by standing on them) and keep an eye on your opponents.

Running away is not permanently. Because after a while, the arena is getting smaller and smaller. which means that you have to fight sooner or later. Remember that you can not shoot on water. You can hide very well in bushes. I’m a bit awkward at the beginning, so I finish my first fight as only 12th. Practice is the master here as well and I learn that I only have a chance if I quickly improve my Molly. Let’s see how long that works – I do not want to spend real money on that.

zooba battle arena hack

This is what an arena looks like in Zooba – there are not many hiding places here and the field of play is getting smaller the fewer enemies there are.

Here are some tips for playing Zooba

  • Win more trophies to earn a higher rank
  • Hunt other characters to steal their weapons
  • Beware of enemies hiding in bushes and houses
  • Important: You can not attack on water
  • Each character has a special ability, and if used well, determines the course of the fight
  • Each guard will always leave a med kit to pick you up to heal yourself
  • Collect better weapons to be stronger (even if you’ve already collected a weapon, which will automatically be replaced by the better one)
  • Attacks opponents who are in the water because they are slower than others
  • If you see two enemies attacking, or two nearby enemies, try attacking both with a bomb. You can damage it and hopefully get it done faster

If you want to compete against your real friends, you can invite them to a game of Zooba.

Zooba game features

  • Nice graphics
  • Cool sound
  • Battle in an arena with 35 players in the style of a Battle Royale
  • Join a clan and meet other great players in the game
  • Currently the game has two game modes (solo and duo)
  • Various daily missions
  • There are different rankings (global, local, friends and clans)
  • You can also participate in events
  • Choose from more than 10 characters (from the angry gorilla to the devious chameleon)
  • The game also has its own Facebook page

Conclusion: Zooba is a nice fun in nice comic graphics. But I’m not willing to subscribe or buy any more gems, so I’m curious to see how long I can beat the competition. Maybe it will be enough if I carry out daily missions to fill my account. So, give it a try. I think it’s nice.

About the game

The strong Bruce, the alleged balanced Nix, known from the App icon, and the fast-paced Molly are the three free characters to choose from when starting Zooba. If you downloaded this free game app on Android or iOS. All three are animals and their arena is, as I said, the zoo. The graphics are cute, but the fighting game is definitely not for kids, because violence is in the foreground. As far as the specifics at first glance. In general, you expect a gameplay , which can probably be compared with that of Brawl Stars .

So far, some Zoobster should already have come. Also you have certainly seen the popups with the promotion of special offers for 33 euros (contains three boxes) and have the pass Zoo-VIP with the price of 11 euros per week (!!!) said no.

Zooba Tips and Tricks for King of the Zoo

As usual with Battle Royale, the arena is getting smaller and smaller. A fire is indicated. There is currently only one zoo as an arena. You already know the tips from the twidx . Can you forget, the storm is coming.

Accordingly, there is little to hide in the bushes “permanently”. Active fighters are rewarded. Important to knowledge for the gameplay is possibly that you can never ripen in the water. Who wants to be victorious among 35 players, must also have some luck in matchmaking.

Because some of the characters are invincible with the fox Nix example, the turtle acts mighty OP.

Know how does zooba battle arena hack works

Wondering what kind of battle arena the zooba hack is? It’s an unconventional, easy-to-use tool that helps players in the game generate resources while easily dominating the game. Thanks to this specially designed hack, every player now has regular access to all the resources needed for the zooba zoo battle arena game, regardless of the time it takes. This is possible.

What are the main benefits of Zooba Hack?

The creation of these web-based zooba cheats is absolutely free and is supported by the latest iOS and Android mobile devices. As a player, you can save your hard earned money by not spending a penny to buy the resources each time you need to play the game. Thanks to the optimized Zooba Generator online and the fantastic proxy server of the service providers, you can get the free resources on your mobile devices in no time, without having a reason to download any files or software.

Fast and efficient

The Zooba Gems Generator does not need long processes or meaningless information before it becomes accessible. That’s why it’s considered one of the fastest online. All the player has to do is fill in the e-mail associated with the game and fill in the number of resources required. Once the desired resources are generated, he can spend them in seconds. There are no restrictions on the number of users to be supported. With stable and reliable systems to serve thousands of users at the same time without delay.

Downloads are not required

What sets this tool apart from other tricks available is its ability to generate resources without having to download software. As a player, you do not need extra storage on your mobile device or special apps. So you do not have to live with the fear of installing malware or spyware.

The tool allows users to interact with their servers only through the secure online interface. As a user, you do not need to optimize your operating system and permission to install unknown sources. The Zooba Cheat Tool ensures that the security of the operating system, personal information or hardware is not compromised.

It is Android and iOS enabled

Zooba Hack is designed to run on most mobile devices, including iPhone, iPads, without the exception of Android smartphones and tablets. This ensures that the Zooba Gems Generator is regularly and rigorously tested to make sure it works perfectly with the game on your mobile device.

It is programmed so that even after updating an operating system on your device. It is expected that the game should continue to be available with the resources you have already generated.


Progress in the game is created by collecting trophies and receiving the rewards. Each character has his own trophy counter. Who masters the fox, is far from being a professional kangaroo.

On the brake in progress it will be through the four slots box. The boxes open on a timer for example so you should barely get more than four wins in a row. Whereby even worse placements are rewarded.

Weapons come in four types in four levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Legendary) within the arena. The higher the value, the higher the damage done.

  • spear
  • bow
  • Shotgun
  • bombs

There are new characters from the boxes, with better characters unlocked unlocked with league progress. All characters can be upgraded and equipped with items.