what is the objective of fortnite battle royale

what is the objective of fortnite battle royale

In Fortnite you either save the world from monsters or measure yourself with other players in “Battle Royale” mode.

Fortnite is a huge success for the developer Epic Games. The mix of PvE and PvP offers endless gameplay on all platforms. Whether you play the action game on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Fortnite Mobile, you can gamble with any of your buddies and it does not matter which system they’re on. In addition, Fortnite motivates you with many unlockable content for weeks and months.

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The third-person shooter Fortnite offers two completely different modes, each of which could be an independent game in its own right. On the one hand there is the “Save the World” variant, with which the title was once launched. This is all about the art of survival. During the day there is a deceptive silence in the mysterious world.

Together with your friends, you will search for weapons, traps, and other items that may come in handy later, and build a fortress. As soon as it gets dark and the storm hits, things get serious. Scary monsters that remind of zombies are moving in hordes towards your castle. The only chance of surviving is to work in a team and close the gates through which the monsters invade your world.


In addition to collecting weapons and traps, you develop your character in the survival game Fortnite as in a role-playing game . With new abilities and qualities you defy your opponents and win one victory at a time. But it’s not just a hero: Fortnite lets you unlock a variety of characters from different classes. In addition, Fortnite skins in rough amounts, which provide visual variety on the battlefield. You can earn them or buy them at the Fortnite Shop.


In the online game Fortnite is no fight like the other. The environment changes over and over again and presents you with new challenges. Luckily, you’re also skilled at crafting and crafting your ultimate killing machine. For example, mount a chainsaw to your rifle, then you can survive in close combat.

Should the monsters still be able to break your defenses, you’ll have to cram the holes back quickly. If you take on this task, you decide. Either you push the opponents back and cover your teammates, or you slip into the role of builder and in the middle of the firefight you pull up massive walls. But hurry up, the next wave of monsters is coming again.


In addition to the “save the world” mode Fortnite also has to offer the PvP variant Fortnite Battle Royale. Here, the shooter kidnaps you on a huge island that is constantly changing, and where you compete against 99 other players. Only one person will survive and win in the end. To be the one, you should search the game world for good weapons and other useful items. But the construction aspect is not too short. This sets Fortnite apart from other Battle Royale games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, even if the similarities are otherwise very large.


Fortnite is extensive, offers an entertaining gameplay and shines in a stylish comic look. But not only is it a good game, it has become a real mass phenomenon. As a result, it offers a huge community, so you definitely can not complain about a lack of players.

And thanks to the great presence on the Internet, be it on Twitch and YouTube or Memes with the Fortnite dances, the awareness of the title should always remain at a high level. In addition, Epic Games is busy tweaking Fortnite with updates to keep you in the long run. Boring is not guaranteed in the world of shooting.

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