Zooba Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Zooba Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

In Zooba zoo battle arena you have to get to Loot quickly like weapons, medikits and equipment. That’s the only way you have a good chance of the win. Learn about the best loot in an interactive loot map.

Zooba throws you in the best Battle Royale manner over a zoo battle arena. There you can see where you are staying, while 34 other players want to kill you all. Only if you find good loot quicker than the others, you have a fair chance in this epic slaughter. Of course it will be good if you already know where the best equipment is on the map.

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The big loot map in Zooba Zoo Battle Arena

Resourceful players have meticulously looked around the Map of Zooba and analyzed all known spawnpoints. Therefore, for example,a user was able to create an extremely detailed map of all loot locations.

Interactive loot map

If you only want to know where certain loot points are, the interactive map from the zooba map is recommended. The map allows dynamic zooming, is detailed and allows you to hide individual content. So if you just want to know where vehicles are spawning, you just can not see the rest. The interactive map is updated regularly and is also available in English.

General tips for getting Loot on Zooba map

If you want to optimally dust off the good loot, there are a few useful tips:

Remember that with the parachute, depending on the height of the fall, you can walk for another 1 to 2 kilometers. Each grid square on the two maps equals one square kilometer.

Look for the start of a session on the map, where your plane passes. He always moves in a straight line. Then think twice about jumping off over the big, popular loot spawn points. It will probably always be hot there.

Zooba zoo battle arena tips for win

Once you in the zoo battle map.try to move quick to find and weapons.you can have with you with 3 kind of zooba weapons like bombs,arrows,shotgun.after hitting a shot,every weapons need some seconds to regenerate to start hitting again.so try to use your every weapon simultaneously.

Sometimes it makes sense to jump off in a remote location where vehicles are likely to be. Then you can equip yourself in peace and get thanks to the vehicle then quickly back into the fray and escapes the force field. In addition, a momentum teammates are already dead and you’ve survived longer and earned more points.

If you play in the team, you should put in the map with the right mouse button markers on the map and thus show your teammates where you want to go and where to look for loot.